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Turn the chaos into confidence!


 Any of life's major transitions can be overwhelming, but divorce involves so many issues ... finances, real estate, retirements, custody, careers,...As your Coach, I will help you put them all into perspective and make sound decisions while you are going through that difficult time. I will be the advocate in your corner making sure that you aren't taken advantage of simply because you don't know the rules of the game. 


As your Coach, I will lead you through the process, answer your questions, and save you as much money as I can  by pointing you toward the right professionals if and when you need them.  I will then make sure that you are prepared before you enter their offices, whether it's an attorney, mediator, financial planner, real estate appraiser, CDFA, etc., so that you don't waste time on the expensive professional clock!


Discover Your


Greatest Self.


Take your 





stop stalling



                 René Vercoe

                    Certified      life/transition/divorce Coach


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